Behind the Brand: Brimz

Located in a small space in Kensington Market, Brimz has attracted a massive following that includes a long list of celebrity athletes and musicians.

Collaborations with former Toronto Raptor Serge Ibaka and singer Lauryn Hill highlights the success of Brimz and its founder Dameion Royes. Dameion’s journey started in 1996 when he co-founded Big It Up, a Toronto retailer that originally sold men’s skincare products before switching to hats. After a successful run at Big It Up he was ready for a change and in 2010 Brimz was born. “You can lose yourself within the business you create, Brimz allowed me to find myself again.”

Through his collections, he uses culture, landmarks, artwork and storytelling to infuse the love he has for Toronto throughout the Brand. “I wanted to urbanize it and make it cool for the streets.” Dameion has built Brimz off of relationships, attributing early success to role models in the industry that shared secrets with him that allowed Brimz to accelerate early on. As Brimz continues to grow, Dameion isn’t attracted to the idea of mass scale. “I had a purpose when I started Brimz, a drive to be creative and authentic. Brimz is a brand that’s connected to the heart and soul of the city”.

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