Behind the Brand: Asili Living CO.

Founder & CEO Telecia Knight, officially launched Asili Living Co. on March 31st, 2017. But her journey leading up to that day began three years prior when she had a medical incident after finding a mass on her stomach which turned out to be a large fibroid in her uterus.

Thankfully, after the first diagnosis Telecia was successfully able to remove the fibroid and two cysts. In hopes of reducing the risk of future growth she spoke to her surgeon to inquire about any lifestyle changes she could implement – she was advised of dietary restrictions and told to avoid the use of Parabens. Parabens are preservatives commonly found in beauty products that scientific studies suggest can disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the risk of cancer.

With this newfound knowledge, Telecia began researching and found that many popular brands used them along with other forms of toxic chemicals and questionable ingredients that contributed negatively to health outcomes. She relinquished hope of finding 100% natural products and began to research skincare ingredients and formulations which lead to the birth of Asili Living Co. in 2017, a toxin-free vegan skin and bath line.

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