Melanin Magic Scar Therapy Serum


Do you have marks from acne? Hyper Pigmentation? The Sun? 
If YES! was the answer to any of this, then this serum is for you! 
Designed using powerful natural ingredients to help brighten while fading out darks spots and uneven complexion. Included in the kit: 
Melanin Magic Advanced Scar Therapy Serum – is THE SERUM for anyone who gets a blemish and has a scar once the blemish disappears. Formulated with 4% Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Rose Hip Seed, and Carrot Seed Oil. We love this serum as it a more powerful formula which can have quicker results when fighting against scars. We recommend using this as a spot treatment, twice daily until the scar fades. 

Sold by: Armure and Co. Fine Jewelry and Luxurious Skincare

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