Melanin Magic Scar Therapy Starter Kit

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Do you have marks from acne? Hyper Pigmentation? The Sun? 
If YES! was the answer to any of this, then this kit is for you!
Included in the kit: 
Scar Therapy Cleanser – made with Sepi White Powder and Kojic Acid which are natural brightening and lightening agents to assist in fading scars. 60 ml
Vitamin C Face Mask – Mix 1 tsp of  this unique powder blend featuring Orange Root Powder, Niacinamide and Vitamin C powder with 1 tsp of honey, and 1/2 tsp with water or natural yogurt to create the perfect exfoliating face mask. Be prepared for glowing skin perfect for a night out! (Use this 1-2 times a week) 5 g 
Melanin Magic Advanced Scar Therapy Serum – is THE SERUM for anyone who gets a blemish and has a scar once the blemish disappears. Formulated with 4% Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Rose Hip Seed, and Carrot Seed Oil. We love this serum as it a more powerful formula which can have quicker results when fighting against scars. We recommend using this as a spot treatment, twice daily until the scar fades. 3 ml 
Scar Therapy Serum – Our Original Scar Repair serum has been newly improved and now features even more amazing oils then ever before. It is a great formula to use on a consistent basis. Formulated with Rosehip, Tamanu, Emu Oil, & Black Cumin Seed to just name a few. We recommend using this one daily in the morning. 3 ml 
Body Decadence – We have added a sense of heaven to this kit with this 2 ml sample of our best selling body oil. Use this sample on your wrist to heighten your skincare regime. 
Loofah- This face loofah expands when wet and is amazing to use while cleansing, you will wonder how you ever washed your face without it! 

Sold by: Armure and Co. Fine Jewelry and Luxurious Skincare

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